Garden Birds That You Will Love UK

We all love bird song in the morning, and here at we want you to know which birds in your garden are making the most noise! It can be a wonderful game to spot the birds around the garden in the morning, so I recommend you read on to find out which ones are there!

Bird singing in snowy garden

The Most Common Garden Birds


The robin is probably one of the easiest birds to place – its bright red chest distributing its identity to all that it satisfies. The intense bird is found throughout the year, especially so throughout the joyful season, which is why it has actually long been symbolic of Christmas (you’re sure to locate one on a Christmas card if not in your yard).

Great Tit

If you’re looking with your eyes you should see a black head with white cheeks. Throughout the winter season, the bird will join various other breads of tit as well as form a group.

Huge birds such as magpies, carrion crows, nabbed doves and jackdaws are likewise often seen, particularly if you have an open bird table. These distinct birds can be hard to miss out on when they appear and are an acquainted sight to the majority of us.

Extra numerous but more challenging to detect are the numerous types of tiny brown birds that consistently show up at the bird feeder.


The goldfinch is a vibrant British yard bird, with its lively red face and yellow wing. Pay attention out for their serene twittering around the bird represent a more likely finding. Progressively goldfinch are seeing UK yard feeders – however by winter months they will have migrated to warmer environments as far as Spain.

Other Common Garden Birds in the UK

The wren is one of the UK’s smallest birds and with its tiny, rounded body and upright tail it is usually seen in gardens. A similar but more vibrant and smaller sized bird is the goldcrest, although this little bird is less commonly seen in gardens.

One more common garden birds is the dunnock, a small brownish and grey bird with multicolor plumes which provide exceptional camouflage, making it tough to spot, although completing males can place on rather a screen. Learn more regarding the dunnock.

Female blackbirds can be more challenging to recognize because of their dull colouring, compared with the males, however have beautifully delicate markings if you look closely.

Track thrushes were when a very popular sight in gardens however their numbers remain in severe decline, making them much less most likely to visit your yard.

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